Friday, September 17, 2010

Out and About

We are settling into a Darwin routine - if it is Thursday or Sunday, then it must be Mindel Beach sunset market for our tea. My favourite stall slogan is on the RoadkillCafe " You kill it, we grill it " We have to make the most of this market which closes in the wet.
Our respective work rosters have not quite gelled sufficiently for us to plan proper touring from Darwin, although we spent yesterday at the Territory Wildlife Park, where we saw a raptor show, and handled a baby saltwater crocodile (which had his jaw taped closed by the ranger) After the park, we went for a dip in the Berry Springs waterfall. The spring area is full of signs warning visitors not to feed the wildlife, but we ignored these and fed the mosquitoes anyway.
Apparently Australia is in the grip of an obesity epidemic, well let me tell you, its epicentre is Darwin. even the thin people are fat up here. But perhaps fat is good for you, just like smoking, according to the nicotine shop in the city mall.

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