Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At home in Darwin

The theory behind our adventure is that we don't just want to swan into a place, take a few happy snaps and swan off. We want to stay a good long while, do some work, and pretend to be locals.
This proved difficult in Alice Springs, but, from the moment we arrived in Darwin, it was obvious that our idea was eminently workable.
Darwin is booming. Darwin is a small city, but Saturday jobs ads are like Melbourne's. The downside is that most accommodation is correspondingly expensive. However, we had the good fortune to find a delightful "tropical living" unit with outdoor kitchen and lounge, a swimming pool and a Staffie called Buster. The unit was apologetically described by its owner as very close to the airport, but disappointingly, turned out to be 2.6km from the runway, and the surrounding jungle prevents easy plane spotting.
This location proved handy when David started work for a contractor servicing aeroplanes at the airport.
Cecile works as a house cleaning contractor, with her base 7km from home, but with door to door bus service, so having only one car is not an issue.
The down side of David's work are rather antisocial shift hours (for example,one day 3am to 7am followed by, on the same day, 8pm to midnight).
The downside of Cecile's work is that she often has to do final cleaning in vacated houses without power, therefore without aircon, a challenge in Darwin's climate, with temps of 34 every day and EXTREME humidity.

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  1. Sounds like you might be there for a while. :) Enjoy.