Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh what a gorgeous gorge !

This was David's exclamation as we turned the corner after a steady climb (we set off at 7.30am, mindful of the 36 degree forecast) and Katherine gorge reveealed itself to us in all it's glory. Then, in the afternoon, a most refreshing dip in the Katherine River followed by another walk to an idyllic waterfall. 12.5 km walk altogether, David insists on those statistics, who wants pretty pictures and purple prose when you can have numbers?
The day before, we spent an eye opening evening in Tennant Creek. Such a contrast with Alice! Yes probably another bucket load of money thrown at the aboriginal problem, but here, it appears the aboriginals themselves run the show (most notably, most police personnel appear to be indigenous female) and the atmosphere is palpably more pleasant than in Alice. The most striking difference was seing, both in Tennant Creek and Katherine, mixed couples walking hand in hand, and groups of young people white and Koori, hanging out together.
Next stop Darwin.

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