Monday, November 22, 2010

Indulgence in the tropics

Dear Readers, your faithful blogonauts have little to report, except much toting of that bail. We did indulge ourselves with high tea at Burnett house, a National Trust property at Myilly Point. In the 1930's the Government build a series of houses for senior colonial administrators, and one of them is now open to the public. The house was hit by a bomb in 1942, and damaged by Cyclone Tracey, but has been restored, and the national Trust raises funds by putting on a high tea every Sunday. The houses are utterly charming, wood lined, with an open plan design, and in a pre air conditioning age, every room can be fully opened to sea breezes behind shutters and fly screens.

The only other event of note occurred this evening at Nightcliff Pier, the venue for our daily picnic. We made friends with a blind man, who each evening goes to the pier for his tea and a couple of stubbies. Once settled, he takes the special harness off his seeing eye dog Liam, and this means that the dog is officially off duty, and can have a relax. Tonights relax consisted of taking me for a walk, whether i liked it or not.

We are going to Tasmania. Why you might ask ? Answers to be submitted with a self-addressed envelope......

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  1. Glad you are enjoying things. A bit of a change in Tassie. I mam sure you will not miss the humidity though.

    Regards, Paul and Eril