Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Julia & Andrew

Yes, I know the last entry was a valedictory post, but I could not resist making one last effort, besides Nellie Melba spend the last half of her career making her farewell performance, so why should'nt I ?

We just had the great pleasure of attending the wedding of my delightful stepdaughter Julia, and her charming new husband Andrew. They have lived together for 13 years, which apparantly represents a sort of running in period, and tied the knot at a jolly, informal, but strangely moving ceremony in Carlton. I can't remember ever having seen so many genuinely happy people together in the same room. Many good judges thought that a display of virtuoso dancing late in the proceedings represented a sort of cultural highlight, but modesty forbids me from providing too many details.

Well done Julia and Andrew !

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