Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

A week ago we left Albany behind in the rain. Today, we are soaking up the sun in Monkey Mia. David had misgivings about revisiting Margaret River as neither of us is interested in vineyards, but the region, and especially the Leeuwin-naturaliste National Park proved a natural wonderland. We particularly enjoyed exploring self-guided caves and discovered one of the most remarkable forest we have seen on our trip.

Once past Perth, distances between localities notably increased, and distressingly for David, so did distances between places offering decent coffee.
Coastal scenery has been jaw droppingly beautiful. Among many natural wonders, we have seen beaches made up entirely of tiny white shells, and stromatolites (look like rocks in the sea, but those bacterial colonies are the precursor of all life on earth).
The idea of Monkey Mia has always sounded so romantic. The reality, alas, is a slightly down at heel, minuscule, spartly appointed motel room, which cost a king's ransom. At these rates, we don't just want to look at dolphins, we want to take one home with us.

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