Sunday, May 29, 2011

Climb every mountain

Well, we've just had two of the most rewarding bushwalks so far on this holiday. On any holiday come to think of it. We tackled the Mount Nancy circuit in the Porongurup National Park, and the following day the forbidding Bluff Knoll walk in The Stirling Ranges. Both these national parks are like oases in a sea of wheat fields, although the Stirling Ranges park covers an area 24kms x 14kms, so it is a large oasis ! Because of their height, both parks have a lush feel, and the trees therein are noticeably taller than those on the surrounding plains. These are the only places in Western Australia where it snows, albeit rarely. The Stirling Ranges are home to a staggering 80 species of plants which are found nowhere else in the world. We found the walks quite tiring. At the outset of one, a sign declared - Allow 4 hours for this climb. Luckily, due to our superb physical fitness, we were able to knock the bastard off in a mere 3hrs and 55 minutes. I was pleased that we were able to pass so many groups on the ascents, some half our age, though admittedly twice our weights.

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