Thursday, March 3, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, we decided to visit the charming little town of Stanley on the North west Coast. Stanley is the birthplace of the only Australian Prime Minister from Tasmania, Joe lyons (we visited the tiny cottage where he was born). It is a cray fishing port nestled at the base of a remarkable volcanic plug called The knob. The village consist mostly of picturesque weatherboard cottages overlooking the bay, with a most impressive Victorian mansion, Highfield, standing in splendid isolation on the hill above.
A walk through beautiful Rocky Cape National Park offered a startling contrast to the moonscape of bare hills around Queens town. The sulphur used to clean the copper ore killed the rainforest over a century ago, and the area has a really eery feel.
We are hoping to revisit the area son and walk along the Franklin River, and maybe this time the legendary West coast rain will let off. Okay, you can't have rain forest without rain, we are just pleased to be based on the sunny East Coast.

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  1. You seem to be having too much fun for my liking!!! Are you ever coming back??

    Regards, Paul.