Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, we just had a truly wonderful experience - our bosses Vicki and Geoff, in addition to running the holiday park, are wildlife rescuers. They have a lovely 7 acre bush block just outside Bicheno and use it to raise orphan animals. They have wallabies, pademelons, possums, kangaroos, they have even looked after an echidna. Of course most of the orphans have been created by the Tasmanian roadkill epidemic, but they told us one appalling anecdote about some local ruffians who wanted a couple of wallaby babies as pets, so they shot 2 wallabies with babies in their pouches in order to get them. After a week they couldn't be bothered with the work involved, and dumped the babies at the local nature park. Luckily Vicki and Geoff were there to nurse them, and these orphans are in the pictures as adults, roaming the countryside, but occasionally popping back to say hello. Vicki even makes latex teats of various sizes and shapes to replicate the real thing in each species.

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