Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fact Blogette

According to the channel 9 news, the parts of Queensland and NSW currently under water are greater in area than the state of Victoria. Where we were in the mountains yesterday, the average maximum temperature for February, the hottest month is 12.5 degrees, but the hottest maximum ever recorded was 36 degrees, and the coldest maximum was 1.5 degrees. My hybrid car has travelled 25580 kilometres since we set out, at the disappointing average of 7.1 litres/100 kms. The echidna and the platypus, the worlds only monotremes, are the only mammals which lay eggs, and whose limb orientation is midway between the horizontal of the reptiles, and the vertical of all other mammals - why did god do that ? The hydro corporation of tasmania, who built the Gordon dam (containing 154,000 m3 of concrete) proudly exhibit there a Huon pine which was 2500 years old when they chopped it down - it was a sizable tree when Nero was emperor. Alistair Cook has scored more runs in the series than any previous Englishman, save Wally Hammond. Cecile is auditioning for the role as President of the Tasmanian Legislative Council. The oldest golf course in australia was built by Scottish settlers at Rathko - it still exists, visitors welcome. There are 198 steps down to the wall of the Gordon dam, but at least 300 back to the top.


  1. Wow 25580km, David you backside must resemble the car seat!!!!!

    Regards, Paul.

  2. Fantastic facts David!

    25580km, particularly in the terrain you've driven through, is a stunning demonstration of hybrid maturity.

    And love that echidna-crossing-the-road photo - what a perfect profile!