Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A short preliminary

Before setting out on our adventure proper, we thought it a good idea to practise a little, and try a sort of dress rehearsal. We needed a trial, something which would test our resolution, our determination, and our courage. Something which would stretch us, and subject us to an ordeal which would render future earthquake, fire and famine commonplace in our experience. But how could we create such a dangerous exercise ? Then I had a brilliant idea - we would go on holiday with Mum & Dad. Actually we had great fun visiting Bendigo, Mildura, Broken Hill, our old stamping grounds at Loxton, and then the Flinders Ranges. In fact, if the publicity is anything to go by, it is mandatory to preface Flinders Ranges with the word 'magnificent' and I am pleased to say that they deserve the title. We had a tour with Derek the guide, in his purpose built 'enamel camel'. He is an enthusiast about wildlife, about geology, about conservation, about everything really. It was inspiring to see edicarian fossils somewhere other than David Attenborough. After 10 fun days of eating too much, and compulsory G&T's it was time to drop Mum & Dad off and hit the road.

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